How to start a solar farm in
Easton, Washington.

Solarcollab will guide Easton, Washington landowners
through the steps of starting a solar farm on their vacant land.

Solar farm development is an easy process if you have the right information.​

How to start a solar farm in Easton, Washington.

Solarcollab helps landowners navigate the process of developing a solar farm on their vacant land in Easton, Washington.

Solarcollab leverages blockchain technology and emerging FinTech protocols to help landowners develop solar farms on their vacant land. Traditionally, a landowner was able to earn a limited revenue stream by leasing their land to a solar farm developer. But, now there is an additional revenue stream that Easton, Washington landowners can receive by hosting a solar farm on their land.

Today’s blockchain technology allows Washington landowners to raise money through the Solarcollab crowdfunding platform to earn an additional stream of revenue by owning shares of the solar farm that is developed on their vacant land.

Step 1 - Learn about what makes an ideal solar farm site location for Easton, Washington.

Step 2 - Fill out our host a solar farm application form.

If you have at leat 14 acres of cleared flat land located in Easton, Washington, it's time to move to the next step. Scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and fill out our detailed "Host A Solar Farm Application" form. Every field needs to be completed, especially uploading an image of your parcel of land along with the boundaries clearly identified. Also, don't forget to go to Goolge Maps and drop a pin in the middle of your land, and copy the url to the google maps url field provided in our application form.

Boost Your Land’s Potential in Easton, Washington: From Solar Farm Delays to Rapid Agrisolar Vertical Farming

While waiting for your solar farm to be interconnected—a process that can take up to four years with only a 19% chance of successful interconnection in Easton, Washington—consider developing a commercial agrisolar vertical farm on your land. Unlike the lengthy and uncertain solar interconnection process, installing and connecting a vertical farm typically takes just three to six months, boasting a nearly 100% project completion rate. This efficient alternative not only optimizes the use of your land but also provides a reliable and quicker return on investment in Easton, Washington. 

Step 3 - Learn how much a utility will pay per acre for a Easton, Washington solar farm.

Once a solarcollab project manager has reviewed and accepted your application it's time we move to one of our favorites steps of the process... figuring out how much solar electricity can be generated from one acre of land located in Easton, Washington. Solarcollab will run a detailed report that will give you information that will predict how many kWh's of electricity your solar farm will generate on a month by month basis. And how much the utility will pay out on an annual basis based on the Purchase Power Agreement that we help negotiate with your local utility company.

Step 4 - Solarcollab will perform a solar design for your Easton, Washington solar farm.

One of our last steps is to perform a conceptual and detailed solar design and analysis for the solar farm you plan to host in Easton, Washington. We use industry gold standard solar farm design software to layout exactly how many solar panels we will need to use for the solar farm that will be placed on your land. This report will also provide other metrics like system performance, electrical line diagrams, inverter specifications and all other engineering details needed that can be shared with the solar EPC company we plan to use to build the solar farm.

Host A Solar Farm Application Form

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Proposed Solar Farm Site Address
Land Ownership
Size of the land parcel in acres
Parcel ID Number
Name of Local Electric Utility
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Degrees of slope?
Does the land have front road access?
Is there a three-phase power line next to property?
How many miles away is the nearest substation?
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Step 5 - Join our next conference call and receive personal coaching about how to start a solar farm in Easton, Washington.

Provide us with your email to get a notification for our next live group questions and answer session. Landowners from all over the country are learning how to maximize their revenue streams on their vacant land to generate clean solar electricity. Easton, Washington​ is a favorable location for our landowner solar farm development program… don’t miss out, and join our video call.

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